Monday, September 27, 2010

Gathering Fruit

To everything there is a season:
a time of planting, giving birth,
nurturing and training the little one,
watching his growth and independence,
preparing him to be self sufficient.

Then a goodbye as he leaves.
Hopefully one day, to return
with fruit to share-a family of his own
and little ones to love-grandchildren,
the fruit of the harvest.
(Photo by me.)


  1. I love that you are adding photos to your prose Lin...

  2. they can make jam out of it. I suppose some animals eat prickly pear fruit but they have to take the needles out first and peel them. Probably more online about them or others can tell us what they know. Lin

  3. Beautiful !
    I saw a chef cooking soup out of a particular cactus (the leaf)after removing the spikes.

  4. Here I am tapping my feet waiting for a grandchild...going to be awhile!