Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Finished project

It's looking better, my office work computer area.
I even know where lots of things are and have
lightened my load of paper stuff. Throughout the
years I doubt I've thrown many handouts away.

From classes taken or taught, I have a paper trail
just like Hansel and Gretel-I can trace my steps
back through the past. Fascinating to reread some
my old letters and journals from decades ago.

Even found my love letters from my sweetie
and it brought back pleasant memories of our
courtship. I lived in Utah and he worked in NM
so we wrote letters when apart-precious times.

Looking back does reinforce the growth you've
made and experiences you've passed through.
Writing your life story, does that too. I hope
everyone takes the time to do that someday.

I even tidied up my husband's work area.
Now the trick is to keep it all organized!


  1. Oh my! It all looks so wonderful. I had a TON of fun looking at your photos. You know I have this latent fetish for organization and I love seeing how others do it, too. This was great! You're going to really enjoy being in that work space and so will hubby.

  2. How nice that you share an office! My husband has his in our garage!! LOL I offered to share mine but he has way too much stuff!

  3. Millie-what a great place to work in...excellent.

    Linda-Things are looking good at your house. At least you have a study area. Bob and I talked just this morning about getting a 3 bedroom apartment so we could have a room for the computer. I think he was thinking about my clutter, which bothers him.

    Linda Reeder-It looks great. And yes, it is fun to look back through old stuff, especially if yoiu have time to just stop and enjoy it.

    Cheryl-You've done an outstanding job. I would so love it if you could come here and straighten out my work "corner"!

    Kavita-Looks very neat,tidy ,comfortable and efficient work area--your office has very good lighting.I love the whole set up.Great job !

    Jocelyn-I look s great!

    Jean-Your office looks great! I tidy up my study every now and again, and then in a few days it's back to its usual, messy self. I suspect you're neater than I am.

  4. looks super but why does your husband get this teeny desk...is he not a worker? Well, not a worker like you? does he have a blog? get his started.

  5. I love your office....it looks some like very good work in done in there in comfort..