Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Visiting Grandkids

Out to dinner with my son Daniel and wife Tina at Thanksgiving Pt.

On the road again visiting family in Utah Valley. Here's the grandkids:

Nathan in his sporty straw hat!

James shows off his green bedroom.

Having fun together James and Grandma Lin

Twin Emilee enjoys pink colors in her bedroom.

Heather's room is painted purple and colorful.

Off to Church together with the family.


  1. How wonderful you've had visits with the grandchildren, who are all very cute indeed.

  2. This must be your traveling season! It's always wonderful to be able to be with grandchildren.

  3. And what a nice family you have.

  4. great snaps....tina is as lovely and youthful as ever. is that what comes from looking after all the wee ones? and you don't look half bad yourself.

  5. Oh wow! It's so much fun to see the grandchildren, isn't it? Those beautiful twins are definitely identical. What fun! Terrific photos, Lin.