Monday, April 19, 2010

Tree of Shoes

Out in the middle of the vast desert appears
a strange sight suddenly-a tree of shoes.
I haven't seen it for years as we seldom
travel Highway 50 through desolate Nevada.

But it's still there, although blooming with
many more shoes than I remember last time.
I don't know who started this event or when,
but the tradition caught on and it is still there.

Making one ponder why would it remain:
an artistic statement, a garbage dump or
a realization of how transient life really is
with so many of our footsteps unremembered?


  1. Amazing! I'd never heard of the Tree of Shoes, but obviously many, many others had!

  2. How interesting. I doubt there was a lot of deep thinking involved, likely teenagers got it started. But, that is a lot of shoes!

  3. First time I've ever seen a tree of shoes. Cool. Looks like a fun way to get rid of one's old shoes!

  4. How fascinating!! It reminded me of 'Caps For Sale' which is a kids' book.

  5. I had to read back to April 8 to catch up with your blog. Now you get to catch up on all my comments!! Haha.

  6. That tree makes an awesome statement! I'm not sure what it is, but the artist in me loves it. Ha!

  7. I am thinking that tree could shod an entire town. That is very interesting. Makes me think how wealthy we are.

  8. I'd never heard of this tradition. Very interesting.