Saturday, April 10, 2010

Family Bible found

Well, we drove about 4 hours across Texas almost to the Louisiana border to visit some long lost cousins Earl and his wife Francis. Allen hasn't seen them for 50 years or so. We phoned ahead to see if they had a family bible for the Winfields and they did. They also invited us to stay in their guest apartment and eat supper and breakfast with them. Great Southern hospitality.

So off we went to exam the bible especially for any genealogical info that might be written within. Large ornate bibles used to be quite the thing for families to have, and they recorded special information about births, marriages and deaths of the immediate family and sometimes also listed their pedigrees. We didn't find any new information but enjoyed getting to know the cousins better and discussing old times together.

On the way back from Henderson, Texas we stopped at the genealogy section of the local public library in Corsicana, Texas to look at their records and do some original research as a great grandmother had lived in this area. Did find a few records but this is the old fashioned way of doing research and it's much easier to do it online if your records are available that way.


  1. Oh this looks like so much fun! I watched that show on TV last night about stars finding their past ancestors. My SIL does it for our family.

  2. On The Road Again.... Looks like the Floyds are on the road again.

    Another great trip. Allen looks so animated in these photos! He's having a good time, isn't he?

    Tell Brook Happy Birthday from me, too. Interesting to see his "little boy" pics.

  3. I have never seen such a beautiful and large Bible before,good that you have posted many pictures of the same.Thanks for sharing your fabulous holiday with us.

  4. I can just imagine how wonderful each family visit must be for you two, and how beautiful the family Bible is.

  5. I wish I had my grandmother's family bible..not as big as that one, but it had so much information. My mother insisted on keeping it and it was lost in her house fire...

  6. Wow! This reminds me of a family story in 1991 when we were in Ireland. I will post it sometime soon.