Saturday, April 24, 2010

Across Nevada again

We've made several circles in our recent trips across and around New Mexico on our way to Texas and back. This trip west we drove across Northern Nevada then down California's center and across So. Nevada by Las Vegas to get to our home in St. George Utah. Notice the green hillsides everywhere in California.

We passed row after row of almond trees, grape vineyards and vegetables growing already in the mild climate. Below is a photo of some of a wind farm by Tehachipi, California near the Mohave Desert. There were hundreds of them turning in the strong wind that seems to blow most of the time.

Almost to Las Vegas and our home is only two more driving hours from there. HURRAH!


  1. There is beauty in all of America, I just have a harder time seeing it in the dry areas. I like a lot of green, lush growth, and don't mind the rain to have it. I had enough sun living in Texas to last me a life time. Obviously you prefer dry and sunny areas. Isn't it good we don't all like the same thing or we'd be very crowded.

  2. Incredible, Lin. The windmill farm is amazing. The grey sky seems flat; the turbines seem like objects in a diorama. They are strange and wonderful contraptions.

  3. Home again, home again...riggity jig jig!

    It's going to be nice to be surrounded by the comfort of your own little castle for a while, eh?

    How long will you be home? Do you have any more trips planned? I think I'd want to stick close to Ye Olde Homestead for a while.

    It does look like a good time was had by all.

  4. Lots to see..we have a wind farm here too...

  5. There's no place like home!