Monday, January 25, 2010

A simple question

Photo collage above of my first meeting with each of
my six grandchildren by Grandma Lin-of course

I received a simple question from one of my grand daughters:
"Grandma, is Lorien your favoriate grandchild?" I chuckled
for a minute, then realized it's a good question. So I replied:
"No, she is only my newest favorite grandchild. I love all my
grandchildren, each is different and special. It's fun to watch
you all grow up and change. I miss Hakan the most, cause
I never get to see him." So how can a parent or grandparent
love all their children, which brings a bigger question how
can God even know or love all his millions of children?
He just does and so do we as a parent or a grandparent.
Our love grows with each succeeding child or grandchild
that joins our family. It's important to show love by our visits,
calls and emails. We all need "unconditional love" to grow no
matter what our age is... and even if our parents are gone.


  1. I agree, love just grows to encompass the new. I just have two sons and six grandchildren, but my mother has 5 children, 18 grandchildren, and 24 great-grandchildren--so far. She loves them all. It is easy.

  2. Very good, and so true. Your grandchildre are wonderful.

  3. First, lovely photos of your lovely grandchildren! Yes, as each child comes along the love just grows! Wise words Lin!

  4. Great explanation, Lin! God bless ya. Some people DO show favoritism unfortunately.

  5. You handle it the way my parents do. So beautiful. God bless.

  6. Yes, we love tham all, and we love them all differently, because each of them is different.

  7. Beautiful collage...all of them look adorable,very hard to see only one of them as a favorite.I would like to add that they all have one good thing in common.....a great grandma like you.

  8. I remember asking my grandmother that. She said I was her favorite little girl I was the only girl at the time...