Monday, November 16, 2009

Why Write?

Since I'm doing a blogging class tomorrow for the Heritage Writers Guild that I belong to, it's about time I said more about WRITING. Why do we write?
  • To find our voice
  • To express those experiences that so dear to us
  • To be creative
  • To capture the stories that our mind or the great creator sends us
  • For therapy and clarity
  • To connect with others
  • To sell books-see mine on the top right
There are as many reasons for writing as there are people I believe. So once you decide to write, the important thing is to write freely-don't over analyze your words. Just capture them on paper. Brain storm or cluster what it is that you want to write plus morning pages will get you going. Then choose the idea that draws you to it. Editing and criticizing comes much later. Right now I'm trying to capture histories of my family members and build understanding between them. Writing and sharing it on a blog can do that as you develop an audience and feel appreciated. Tell me of your experiences.


  1. I use my blog as my way of expressing myself. It started out as a baby step and now I really enjoy coming up with ideas to share. Its not a bestseller by any means but I like sharing my photos and experiences. I am by nature a very shy and quiet person but my blog gives me my voice and most importantly my confidence. And thanks to you Lin for all of your ideas and suggestions that have helped me so much.

  2. Writing is easier than talking, I find, at least for me. There is this internal monologue in my mind that needs to be expressed in writing. Hence, I write daily.

  3. I definitely think writing for therapy and clarity is/are among the most important reasons. I saw this with my students SO many times, when they'd write personal essays and gain a new perspective on a situation and, many times, finally be at peace with circumstances.

  4. Lin, I so enjoy your teacher-ing us. I like lists like that, because it clarifies the 'why' of some of our 'whats'. And you captured some of why I want to write too.

    Happy Day!

  5. And I guess because we just can't help it.

  6. For me its a lot about sharing my thoughts and learning from others ...its a therapy for me helps me channelize my thoughts.

  7. For me it's sharing what I enjoy hoping that somebody will learn a new appreciation for something in nature...