Monday, August 17, 2009

Quieting Self Talk

It seems we all have inner conversations
that go on all day, everyday within us.
Hopefully you have an enthusiastic one,
a cheerleader who sees your potential
and urges you on to try new things, go
forward with faith and hope in yourself.

But too many of us have an inner voice
that stands ready with new criticisms
at each turn or new experience that comes.
Sometimes the only way to quiet it is to
give it attention. Write down all the negative
remarks, name calling and putdowns then
examine them carefully with a dose of truth.

What is really true and what is rumor or
fears made manifest in our unruly mind?
A quiet moment of prayer or meditation
can help clear the air and get us back on
track after a major derailment in life.
We are here to learn and part of that is
learning to control and quiet our thoughts.


  1. Its so easy to listen to the inner voice and more often than not, its criticisms and put-downs. I try to balance the negatives out with a positive reaffirmation. Who best to bolster ourselves?

  2. I use self talk in a different sense, to talk to myself when my inner thoughts pile up into something troublesome.

  3. How I long for clear air. Thanks, Lin.

  4. This is a really great post,Lin. Thanks for posting it as a reminder,especially for those of us with wild and vivid imaginations. Sometimes we get carried away with "what-ifs, should-haves, would-haves, and such". It definitely takes those quiet moment of prayer or meditation to get us back on track".

    This is awesome, "We are here to learn and part of that is
    learning to control and quiet our thoughts."

  5. Sometimes I still get stuck thinking about stupid things that I did 35 years ago. I wish that I didn't!!

  6. Oh my inner voice can be really mean to me..I need to change that...