Sunday, November 15, 2009

Negative Self Talk

Although it seems to never stop
there's a strange little voice inside
that nags and sometimes
even shouts..."you can't do that."

But I can do it! IF I don't believe I can't,
so how to convince myself I can?
Stop listening to the negative voice,
tune into that other quiet spirit
sometimes inaudible, just a feeling
"with FAITH anything is possible."
I like that feeling and surrender.

"I know better, I am here for a purpose,
I have potential and promises.
Someone knows me better than I do
He is my loving Heavenly Father."
I can ask for His support.


  1. Very inspirational message Lin. Thank you.

  2. I've heard that voice, too. I will need to work harder at not listening to it and keeping myself trying to meet my goals.

  3. I have been hearing that voice way to often lately. That's for the uplift that you gave to me today!

  4. Oh the inner voice.. Mine is pretty harsh on me.. I will try to do better...

  5. I know better. Such gentle correction. Thanks, Lin.

  6. I liked your post very much. Very nice and inspirational message.

  7. i am too very hard on myself but learning to ease up ....motivating post Lin.