Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Meet Emilee

She's the other half of my twin grand daughters. I've already published a short story by Heather her sister, so now I'll share this one from Emilee (on the right in the photo below) written while we were waiting for church to start last Mother's Day.

The Bored Little Girl

I'm bored at church. I have to sit and sit and sit! Its boring at church! But here's some good things about church
  • read book of Mormen
  • go to class (or primary)
  • sing, chour, stand
  • pray
  • sacrament
  • walk aroud (after church)
  • thinking about jesus and our god!
  • thinking about the temple
  • remember my baptism
  • being with my family
those are just some of the many things that I think are fun at church. And today is mothers day! Yhea! Good-bye!


Cheryl /Ashton said...

Oh my, how sweet are your granddaughters. And Emilee must take after you with her writing! She wrote a wonderful story!

mom/caryn said...

How sweet is this? And honest. I agree with her, church is a big yawn now and then...but, there is much to appreciate if you take a minute to get centered and look for it.

Congratulate her for me. She sounds like a little goddess in embryo.

Deborah Godin said...

Cute little girls!

SandyCarlson said...

I remember feeling this way, too! Good for you, Emilee, for making the most of it!

Mare said...

I can remember this...twin granddaughters...you are doubly- blessed!

dellgirl said...
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dellgirl said...

Oh this is so precious, Lin. The girls are gorgeous, they look so pretty all dressed up in their white dresses. I like the story, those are some nice things to say about "good things about church".Did she write it or did you, I missed that part. This is a great post.

Oops a typo - had to delete the first one.

Have a good day tomorrow.

Kay said...

They look like little angels, Lin.

Rambling Woods said...

Oh..they are so sweet. I guess they will be authors with you as a Grandmother...