Monday, August 3, 2009

Published again...

It's been awhile between my last published article in the Desert Saints magazine. So I was pleased to see my article "Remembering Missionary Experiences"in their August issue. I have been keeping busy with self publishing my collection of articles in a book. As a writer you never stop but keep on working and submitting. I'm trying to encourage others to write and will publish my 11 year old grand daughter Heather's "rough draft" of her summer camp story here. No corrections or changes, these are her words about a fun summer experience:

Once apon a time there was a family of six and the kids grandma floyd who came for a vist form St. George, grandma floyd came to see Emilee, Heather, Nathan, and little baby James, Emilee, Heather, Nathan, and James had another grandma here too grandma NY. She came to help there mom because the kids daddy was away on a trip to "Peru", there daddy was gone for 2 weeks, Emilee and Heather were also gone they went to Clear Creek for a week this is what they did at Clear Creek: gathered flowers and taped them on papers, and they make traps and caught animals, watch a history moive took showers played games before going to bed it was lots of fun Emilee and Heather came home on Friday and their daddy came home a couple weeks later and grandma N.Y. is going home on July 20, and grandma floyd is going home later tonight thats the end of my tell.

Grandkids helping their dad cook pancakes. The littlest boy James age 3 learned to turn the pancakes over after watching his older brother Nathan above age 6 do it. Also shown below l-r Emilee and Heather and their dad Daniel-my cooking son and great father fix breakfast for us this past weekend. I love you all...


  1. Its all in the GENES..Heather your writing is beautiful.I loved the way you narrated your summer experience here.The trio cooking mission looks very successful...loved the post a lot.

  2. Wonderful telling of her experiences, makes me want to be a kid again! Happy family events for sure!

  3. There's a budding writer in your family, Lin!

  4. I love the pace of that draft. It moves at the pace of a child's heart, and it's wonderful. Beautiful post, Lin.

    Those pancakes make me hungry.

  5. The apple doesn't fall far from the tree. Isn't it nice seeing our children or grandchildren enjoying and being good at what we enjoy.. Congrats on being published again and I haven't forgotten about your book...Michelle