Thursday, June 4, 2009

Finally Starting

Decided it's time to organize all my articles that I've written over the past year into a small booklet entitled LOOKING BACK: Remembering Life in the Good Old Days or something like that. I've written over 60 articles for a local newspaper but fortunately didn't get paid for them, so this could be a way to make a few dollars and collect all my columns in one place for family, friends and readers to enjoy. Wish me luck, better yet pre-order a copy. Cost yet to be determined-probably around $10 or more per booklet. My last project of publishing a book of poetry Voices from the Desert was lots of work but very satisfying. This time I won't do the copy and assembly work myself but have it printed. 

What project/s are you tackling this summer? I hear some are planting gardens, visiting family and other fun activities. ENJOY EACH SUMMER DAY-it's just beginning. Caryn-go lay on your hammock in the hollow and enjoy your conversations with the elves and fairies. LOL!


  1. Sounds like a great project for the summer!

  2. Have a great time, Lin. Sounds like a fun project!

  3. LOL!! I've been doing a little of just that. Now it's time to tackle a little real estate business... I have some addendums to write, properties to show and contratcs to negotiate.

    I'm also planning a couple of fun trips this year. Going to the Oregon seacoast with and old, old friend... ha ha ha

    Got a call this morning from my friend who invited me to stay on her brother's houseboat at Lake Powell for four days with a group of "girls". His houseboat is SO YUMMY!! He owns Swift Trucking Company and has a little cash to burn on fun stuff like that.

    It promises to be a great summer.

    I have sent the first draft of my life story (up to the kids adolescence) to my children to read. So, I have taken some of your advice about recoreding some of the events of my life to date. May work some more on that.

    I love that you're compiling your stories into book form! I especially love that the major part of the work is done and you're having it printed. Great going!!!

  4. Lin, A great idea to develop your articles into a booklet.

    Had to LOL at your aside to Caryn and her hammock! Too funny!

  5. Cool, Lin. Good luck with that. You inspire me to THINK up a project for the summer.

  6. I always have something half-finished that I have started.. I want to organize my photos this summer....
    Michelle From Rambling Woods