Monday, September 8, 2008

A quote to remember...

“How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world.”~ Anne Frank

Let me add and the one thing that's easiest to improve or change is ourself not others.

Interestingly enough when we change ourselves, others change also. Ever notice that?


  1. Good advice. I'll work on it.
    I had never read Anne Frank's Diary before I visited her house in Amsterdam this spring. I bought the book there and read it as I traveled. She had amazing wisdom for a young girl.

  2. I played Anne Frank in a theatrical production when I was in my late teens. What a moving experience it was!

    She indeed had wisdom beyond her years, and a sweetness and concern for others that belied her life's experience.

    It is interesting how if we change our attitude toward others or when we are around others, they change as well....

  3. change, huh? Well, do we change the people because we have changed and our views of them change accordingly or do they actually change because of our change and they see us different...maybe it doesn't matter as long as we change for the better. Reminds me of a major theme from WICKED (sing along please):

    Who can say if I've been
    Changed for the better?
    I do believe I have been
    Changed for the better

    (Glinda) And because I knew you...

    (Elphaba) Because I knew you...

    (Both) Because I knew you...
    I have been changed for good.

  4. A very good book. I read it in high school, need to read it again to refresh. It is so true about others changing when we change ourselves/attitudes. I found that concept so interesting when I first put it into practice.

  5. I love Anne Frank's philosophy. So much wisdom from a teenager...