Tuesday, September 2, 2008


Been eating Dove dark chocolates-just one a day...I bought dark ones cause my husband likes them so much. I love the milk chocolates-lighter chocolates, but if I buy those ones I eat too many. Anyway, this saying was inside the one I ate....Failure is only the opportunity to begin again more intelligently. That's an interesting statement, if you substitute the word mistakes are for failure is, it makes more sense. 

Isn't that how we learn? We do something and it doesn't work so we try a different approach. I know I did that lots in child rearing. So glad those days are over. I love to celebrate my successes in that area of my life and try to learn from my mistakes. Another saying that has helped me over the years comes from an LDS church leader Boyd K. Packer...if you keep trying you haven't failed. Life is a learning experience. That how we gain wisdom, the hard way...(photo of me as a young mother with my first son Frank who is now in his forties, married and raising a son.)


  1. I always told my daughter that you don't know who you REALLY are and what you are made off until things get challenging. I too love those Dove candies..

  2. I just KNEW chocolate was good for you! And see??? It helped you wax all smart and philosophical. Fed your mind and soul as well as your craving for sweets. Aahhh... life is good indeed.

    I love the Dove quote (slightly rearranged by Lin Floyd) "Mistakes are only the opportuity to begin again more intelligently". Good stuff!!

  3. I love Doves Dark Chocolates even when it doesn't make me think.

  4. Did I tell you somewhere that Chandi is really Caryn on this post. I'm somehow logged in under her site or something. But, it's me.

  5. Reminds me of some delicious white chocolate cookies I found a few years ago. By the time I got used to them the store stopped selling them.

    You look so cute in this pic...beautiful baby. Bet he's a real looker now.