Monday, September 1, 2008

Developing New Habits

Well, it's another new month September with unlimited possibilities and opportunities for being an influence for good in the world. By the way, check out Han's blog if you want to donate to his school project in Kenya and Nedret's Water for Ethiopia-I just gave to both through Pen Pal and it feels great. All you have to decide is just what to do, then DO IT. I love to make TO DO lists and cross off items when they are done but there needs to be a balance in our list and our life. It's easy to let one thing like work or blogging or hobbies or other commitments take too much time. 

The secret is PRIORITIZING our life. What is most important, probably #1 is our HEALTH not just physically but emotionally, intellectually and spiritually. Taking care of those needs first, so we can give to others-our family, friends, community, church or charitable projects. My goal for September is to continue the good things on my list and try to focus more on my spiritual growth through prayer and scripture study. 

What's on your mind/list in this new month?


  1. I think I've quoted Randy Pausch(sp?)when he said, "It is better to do the right things adequately, than the to do the wrong things beautifully." I wrote a post about it, actually. I need to keep that in my mind constantly when prioritizing and keeping balance in my life.

    It does feel good to spend time,energy and cash on improving lives, ours and others. I loved that about working for the American Red Cross. I was a part of the solution... not a part of the problem.

    Did I ever tell you my personal mission statement? I had to write one when I was certifying to run Purposeful Life seminars. It was harder to write than I thought it would be...anyway...

    It is "To be a teacher and exemplar of simple, eternal truths that will enhance the presence of God in my life, and in the lives of others."

    Why did I bring that up? Seems like I had a good reason when I wrote it, but I can't remember what it was.

    I miss you, Lin. Looking forwsrd to seeing you soon!!!

  2. Another great post, Lin. I started last year to be stronger and more of a presence in helping others. Count me in. I'll be doing my part from my side of the country.

    Thanks for all your good works.

  3. Oh, I forgot! lol Caryn, I know the feeling - starting out with a purpose and forgetting what it was by the time I get to the end.

  4. My daughter is coming on Thurs from OK and we are going to Ithaca NY for a job interview for her. Then the following week, I have to testify against a lawn pesticide company here in my county. And doctor appointments. This will be a stressful month for me..

  5. I hear you on this one, Lin. This is something I need to do in a big way. Thanks.

  6. I started today...exercise! Now that's a gas! I have the Debbie Seiber's DVD...I'm only on the first one and will stay there for a week. She says if I stay with her for 6 weeks I'll notice the difference. I can handle 6 weeks. And since my wonderful son-in-law has lost about 40 pounds with portion control, that naturally will get included starting today.

    those are my biggies...I'll let you know about the smallies....later