Sunday, September 28, 2008

Autumn in Utah's Mountains

What could be lovelier 
a warm sunny day,
enjoying nature's art.

Leaves brushed with 
orange and reds bright
against evergreen trees.

I love Utah's autumns,
breathing deeply of
fresh mountain air,
walking on dried leaves.

Nothing else compares.
Can we capture this day
for cold gray wintertimes?


  1. We aren't yet to our peak of fall colors yet so thank you for sharing yours. Yes..memories like this will help through a long cold Buffalo winter..

  2. Amazing blog with marvellously posts, and beautiful photographs, Congratulation!

  3. Walking the dried leaves is a pleasure I enjoy, too, Lin. They are here sooner than I would have thought, though! Autumn is a wonderful, magical time.

  4. I meant to tell you Lin that you inspired me to start a personal blog. I am not a writer, but I will see how things progress..Thank you!!