Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Accessing help from above

Why is it that we think nothing of texting,
using our cell phones to call one another
but many of us don't think to pray.
It takes faith that someone is there,
then effort to speak our deepest desires,
to petition for Heaven's help and comfort.

He always answers quietly as any
Father would a pleading distraught child.
He loves us and will send guidance
in all things both great and small.

Where did I leave my car keys?
What do I say to my rebellious child?
He has many of them you know.
How can I forgive someone I love
who has disappointed, hurt me deeply?

How do I start over again?
Always there, always patient,
waiting and wanting to hear
our requests. He knows us well.
We have only to kneel and pray
then listen with an open heart.


  1. The interesting thing here is...that when we do pray, and when He does send answers, it is most often through the words and deeds of a friend. The friend can be old, or new...near, or far.

    I believe it was Hugh B. Brown that said, "Often while we are waiting and anxious for the Lord to do something FOR us, He is waiting and anxious to do something THROUGH us." Being necessary to another's well being is an answer to prayer in itself.

    Know this, my sweet, wonderful, Lin. YOU are a necessary part of my well being. And your tender, uplifting words were the words my Father wanted me to hear this morning. He and I are both grateful to you for expressing them so perfectly.

    You are loved!!

  2. Oh, indeed, Lin. Prayer requires being still inside and opening the heart and mind to the possibilities. That takes time, and I don't always want to take the time, I'll admit. But the miracles come in that silence--and in the silence we know it.

  3. a local church down the road from us used its sign to say: when you call the Lord you never get a busy signal.

    I think about that every time I pass that church...and think about it long past the sign. I wonder how often when the Lord calls me, He only get a busy signal.

    Funny how we always think the Lord doesn't answer us but seldom wonder if we don't answer Him always, immediately.

    I got a new calling and accepted it even tho I do not want it, had declared about 15 years ago that I would never take a leadership calling again, yet I knew it was the Lord calling me. I answered this time............hopefully I can answer every time.

  4. You are so right. And, how many of us go through the day repeating "those little 4-word prayers"? ...Lord, help my child (spouse,family,etc)...Father,make this allright...Jesus,remove this pain (situation, obstacle, etc)