Saturday, June 28, 2008

Yin Yang writing

Been working on the next chapter in my Writing the Natural Way book by Gabriele Rico. It's on yin yang and tension in your writing. We were to cluster opposite words, here's:


So now comes the time
To decide, to go forward
Or stagnate, resist change
Stay with the status quo
Avoid the opportunities
Presented because of fears
What ifs obscure what could bes
Indecision takes us nowhere

Visions and dreams remain
Just that until some action
Is taken, decide now
Or forever remain boxed in,
Drained by regrets, chained
To the past, without a future
No rewards or growth
Just escape and mediocrity


Linda Reeder said...

Oh, yes. It sounds like that feeling I call inertia. You've captured it well.

dellgirl said...

I remember those days well - like it was yesterday. I call mine "the Free Cell era". So glad it is over, I guess, maybe not. I'll decide later.

mom/caryn said...

Am I the only one who's visions and dreams change? ... rather often. It isn't just that the man I might have married at 19 would have been a totally different man than the one I chose when I was 31... it's that the furniture, flower arrangements, wall hangings and clothes I liked in my twenties was different than what I liked when I was in my late thirties, and that's different than what I like now. I used to want to tole paint... did a little of it, now I have no interest in it whatsoever. My dreams to act have been replaced with dreams to do motivational teaching, and those have been replaced with a desire to write and those replaced with a desire to tend my flower gardens. I did some of all the things that I wanted to do and found that I wanted to do something else... something more... I seem to be in a constant state of flux. I'm just rambling.

ANYWAY... I truly enjoyed this little epistle, my friend. Good food for thought!! Very well stated! I found it motivating.