Saturday, June 14, 2008

Three Generations of Fathers

Three generations of Vernon fathers (l-r) my grandfather Joseph Harold, my dad Stanley Harold, and my great grandfather Joseph who came to America as a young child when his family was coverted to Mormonism in Derbyshire, England. They settled in Rockport, Utah which is now under the Rockport Reservoir. See their history on my webpage. 

I’m thinking as Father’s Day is approaching tomorow of the influence of fathers directly and indirectly. I knew all three of these men though my dad died in 1945, my grandfather in 1974 and my great grandfather in 1946. I remember going to my great grandfather’s funeral. He was very sad when my dad died at such a young age and wondered why it couldn’t have been him that died, instead of my dad, as he was old and a widower. All these fathers were hard workers who loved their families, honest and virtuous they were living good Christian lives and setting a good example for their descendents. Maybe that’s what it’s all about in our daily lives, our behavior and words are watched carefully and impressions made on our children and grandchildren that we last forever.

From my dad I got my tallness, my love of learning, and photography. From my grandpa I got my love of the great Utah out-doors, an example of family love that endures, hard work and honesty. From my great grandpa I got my love of Mormonism be-cause his family was converted and traveled from England to America to Utah to settle when he was 4 years old. (Photo-Francis Vernon, my 2nd great grand father and his wife Elizabeth Cottrell.)

What is your legacy from your fathers?


  1. Oh goodie. I get to be first. Hope the anniversary was a good one.

    Your father, grandfather, and great-grandfather certainly left a wonderful legacy for you and the family.

    I get too wordy when I talk about my daddy, I'll tell about his legacy another time. Just wanted to say, "hi".

  2. My father passed on his wanderlust... the little bit of restless gypsy in our soul, his love of laughter, his constanly curious mind. His love of and fascinatgion with all people flows through my veins. He asked questions of everyone he met... as do I. (some quite personal) We both love to hear everyone tell the stories of their lives. He gave me his sense of fair play...
    He gave me security, the confidence to love and be loved.

    I may write more tomorrow... I'm about to do a face plant on the keyboard. Can't keep my eyes open.