Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Sculpture Exhibit

Today I went to the Salisbury Mortuary in town where there is a wonderful sculpture, entitled Come unto Me by Jerry Anderson. My friend Gittan from Sweden went to see it when she was visiting with some other friends. I was able to take some photos and was so impressed by the subject matter. It depicts an older woman who dies and then goes through the veil that separates this life from eternity. As she passes from this earth life, she returns to her younger spiritual self now separated from her body, then she meets and is greeted by her loving Savior Jesus Christ. It was very well done and gives food for thought for us that are getting older or will get older one day.


mom/caryn said...

Now... THAT'S something beautiful to behold and to ponder. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful sculpture! Thanks for sharing such comfort, hope and inspiration!

Millie said...

thank you Lin for the info.