Thursday, June 26, 2008


What is there about sailboats
That captures our imagination
The thought of freely sailing
Silently over a vast lake

Opportunities for new adventures
Communing with nature’s beauties
Whatever it is, all we need is to see
A sailboat moving so easily

We are fascinated, that could be me
Out there enjoying my life
Not restrained by land’s demands
Free to go anywhere, anytime


  1. Aahh, yes! Sailboats do look supremely serene, sailing along with nature's beauty as a back drop. They are wonderful - to watch.

  2. Don't you just LOVE Northern Idaho? I live in Northern Washington, over on an island in Puget Sound. We go over to the Priest River and to Montana every so often.

  3. I agree with dellgirl... it is very serene and beautiful.

  4. Well, Lin, I guess I'm in, Skywatch that is. Thanks for all the comments. This photo would make a great Skywatch, as the lake and sky blend together.

  5. I fell in love with sailboats while living in the Bay area. They were so picturesque in the San Francisco Bay...

    I first became fascinated with the thought of sailing while watching the movie "High Society". The old "True Love", Bing Crosby's baritone, and a small accordian. It seemed so romantic to my young girls heart.

    They're absolutely the best way to be on the water! No contest! Although wave runners are pretty dang fun!