Sunday, June 8, 2008

My Grandma's an Angel

Saying goodbye wasn’t that difficult for me
As my beloved grandmother lay in her casket
She wasn’t there, her spirit was elsewhere
Nearby, ready to protect us all

Many times during the ensuing years
Her strong influence has been near at hand
Watching over us, bringing comfort
As death, divorce and sicknesses came

Grandma was full of laughs and loves
Always ready with a loaf of hot bread
A listening ear and a warm embrace
Tribulation she knew about first hand

A widow with five dependent children
Work and struggles were her lot in life
Fiercely independent, yet optimistic
You could always count on her

After her untimely death and absence
One night in a dream she visited me
Questioning her about guardian angels
For my fatherless sons, she confided,

I am watching over them daily
Always there to guard each of them
From danger and harm, what a blessing
She continues to be in our lives


  1. Your grandmother sounds like what a grandmother should be. I love the guardian angel - it gives kids something to make them feel safe.

  2. I love the idea of her being a guardian angel for your young sons. I love the tribute you paid to her. I love the spark of her that lives on in you.

    It was difficult for me to say goodbye to my grandparents...and to my parents. It was difficult for me to say goodbye to my sister/cousin. I'm just too darn selfish, I suppose. I wanted to hang on and share a few more secrets and giggles. I didn't feel like I'd asked them all the questions I wanted to ask, and I wanted to be able to sit on the porch steps with them and talk about everything and nothing. I didn't want to believe that it would be decades before we'd hug each other again. I wish knowing that they were nearby was enough for me. But, sometimes, it just isn't. I want to HEAR my dad's laughter, I want to FEEL my mother's arms around me. I want to SEE my grandmother's pale blue eyes and comb through her think black hair. I suppose I need to grow up spiritually and quite being so dependant on temporal, mortal things.