Monday, June 16, 2008

Look what I see

Cute little bunny rabbit
Sitting on our shaded patio
Nibbling green shrubs

Where is your mother?
You’re too young to be alone
You could get into trouble

Or worse yet danger
Soaring hawks hunting
Or pesky prowling cats

Why do you sit so still?
Don’t you know
We can still see you?


Michelle said...

Poor rabbits, their only defense is to freeze and that seems so inadequate doesn't it?

dellgirl said...

Oh wow! That scene looks so serene and peaceful. I'll just grab my book, a tall glass of iced tea, and a lawn chair. The rabbit can watch me while I start to read and proceed to fall asleep.

Guess you can tell I need a break right about now.

aliannetee said...

Ahhh, it's so cute and tiny. I hope its mother is alright.

mom/caryn said...

We have a pesky, brown, lop earred rabbit that's shown up in our garden the last two years. He's managed to survive bitter cold, heavy snows, raccoons, skunks, hawks, a fox or two, dogs and the killer Barbados sheep next door. He must have been someone's pet once upon a time. He's fat, fat, fat... and cute. But, he wreaks havoc on the lettuce, tomatoe plants, carrot tops and tender young peach trees. It was fun having Thumper in our yard for a while... but, I think we've had enough of him. Weactually haven't seen him since we've been home from Missiouri. hmmmm... now, I'm feeling bad for saying mean things. Hope he's alright.

Dawn Mercedes said...

I saw a bunny sitting outside the window of our public library last week. Bunnies are everywhere!

Linda said...

I love rabbits! this one is really cute

Kay said...

Well, Utah does have adorable bunnies, that's for sure!