Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day

to my two sons Daniel and Frank who are great fathers. I love to see them with their children. Both of them are full of love for their little ones and have been from the beginning.They enjoy playing with their kids, and take an active interest in their lives and care. So today I'm wishing them both a Happy Father's Day as well as to my husband Allen who was a stepfather to my last son at home (Jeffrey) and a father to his own four daughters. Love you all.

Frank has one son Hakan who we don't get to see nearly enough of as they live in New Mexico. He takes his son now almost five, skiing, hiking, camping and plays soccer with him. They have fun together. (Photo of l-r Frank, Hakan, and Nedret the mom.)

Daniel has four adopted children that have been sealed to their family in the temple: twin daughters Heather and Emilee (my first grandchildren, now 10 years old), and two sons Nathan 5 and James 2. We are so happy to have them join our family. They live in Utah also so I get to visit them often for holidays and other special occasions. (See photo above of Dan and Tina with my mother holding Emilee and me holding Heather. We had a hard time telling them apart. Nathan and James hadn't joined the family yet.) 


  1. Oh Lin, you have the most adorable grandchildren. Lucky you! I can see why you're so proud of your sons! You raised them well.

  2. It really is a joy to watch your children become parents, isn't it? It can be frustrating at times, sitting with a bloody tongue in your mouth watching the grandkids manipulate their parents... But, my mom do doubt did the same thing when she came to visit with me. The important thing for was that she encouraged me with every visit... reinforcing how patient and loving she thought I was... And it is equally important for me to recognize how deeply involved in their boys lives my son and my daughter and her husband are. They spend an inordinate amount of time teaching, playing, disciplining, assisting with homework and school projects... Dustin and John are both wonderful father's and Chandelar is a beautiful mother! Watching our children with babes of their own is a highlight of parenting... I don't know Frank, nut, I think Daniel is a terrific young man who's so devoted to his family. Good job, Lin!