Thursday, June 12, 2008

Finding the ONE and ONLY

Dedicated to my prince, Allen, who is not a frog, Sure glad we kissed and got married. I love you. Happy Anniversary #15 today.

The fairy tales make it sound so easy
just kiss the frog––he turns into a prince,
off into the beautiful sunset you ride,
hopefully marry and live happily ever after.

Life, you’ll find has other plans for you
even after you’ve married your prince.
Sometimes he mutates back into a frog
and breaks your heart with his misbehavior.

What’s a princess to do but kick him out,
set out on a new journey to find another
but definitely different type of frog.
Perhaps a horny toad or lizard will do.

The second time around is more difficult
now you may have extra baggage like
a dependent child or two plus lots of
emotional garbage to dump somewhere.

Not to mention the baggage he can bring
to the relationship––whether he’s divorced
or newly widowed, single or never married.
Ever hear of blended and step families?

Sometimes he has kids to join with yours
then you may even have one together.
Remarriage is not for the faint of heart
but only for the desperate and robust.

Two families blended as one are dangerous
to one’s mental health and family unity.
Just hang in there, eventually they'll age,
toddlers become teens, teenagers––adults.

It can get quite complex and frustrating
to achieve your ultimate retirement goal.
An empty nest, your reward for enduring
to the end of blending and step parenting.

Now you can watch all your grown kids
make the same dumb mistakes you did.
Even though you’ve warned them often,
they will persist to learn the hard way.

It’s a never ending cycle, started innocently
wanting to get married, have kids and live
happily every after. So relax and enjoy it,
you've worked hard to find your one and only.


aliannetee said...

Happy Anniversary!!!

dellgirl said...

I like this. You really hit the nail on the head. What is an "empty nest"? LOL, really loud!

Kay said...

Happy Anniversary, Lin! This was a very well written piece and interesting to read. I love the illustrations with it.

Jo, a retired teacher said...

Off the subject, but I'm having trouble cutting and pasting my picture. If I say I want it in the middle, it is always above the writing and I can't seem to move anything. What am I doing wrong? Help.

mom/caryn said...

I loved before Wayne... does that mean he's not my one and only? He's definitely the only one that I've ever been willing to sacrifice as much for... and the only one I've been willing to overlook so many little annoyances for. And.. after 35 years, he still spins my beanie!

Happy 15th and Happy Ever after, Lin. You picked a good one in Allen.