Thursday, June 5, 2008

Dentist's Visit

The dentist office is not
my most favorite place
laying flat on my back,
my mouth wide open
filled with drills, suction tubes, etc
the dentist asks How are you?
hbdklwi joh, I try to mutter
which interpreted means
Are you kidding?

Actually I will feel better
when this ordeal is over
this torture chamber revisited
every few months with regularity
how come teeth need cleaning
and get cavities in them
in my perfect world
things would be different

I would have been raised
in the great state of Texas
where my husband hails from
flouride in the water prevented
any tooth decay for them
so my dear spouse has never
ever seen or been to a dentist


  1. I can't believe he still doesn't have a cavity.

  2. No kidding???? Never had a cavity? Unbelievable! I wish I'd drunk that water.

  3. Okay... he has to have great genes! Or maybe the Mythic God of tooth enamel is playing favorites. This is more than flouride working here.

    Someday, I'll tell you some of my funny stories about dentist's and bad teeth and growing up from the age of 15 with full upper dentures. It might have been sad if so many downright hysterical things didn't happen along the way because of my unfortunate dental experiences.