Monday, March 10, 2008

Write a Poem or Free Verse

Using the word "balloons" as your focus, make a free association list of words that come into your mind then when an idea to write comes, quickly write down your thoughts, then share them as a comment. Don't judge or rework your poem, let it be spontaneous and free. Have fun. Thanks for risking and sharing with all of us.


A fun birthday balloon bouquet
Multi-colored bulbs against the gray sky
Slips easily from our light-hearted grasp
Rising ever higher till it disappears
Momentary happiness and glee changes
To disappointment, where has it gone?

Childhood days and memories rush by
Times of family frolicking are remembered
Images frozen in time in an old scrapbook
Photos with smiles and loved ones now gone
Close yet far away, unseen or noticed by us
Do they watch over us remembering and smile?


  1. The balloon carries me up
    Along with my hopes and delightful dreams.
    But daylight bursts my seclusion bubble--
    Trouble ends my sleepy schemes.

  2. Ooh, I want to say blissful instead of seclusion...:) That way I can keep with the alliterations!