Sunday, March 9, 2008

Time change again!

This morning, I woke up late because
Daylight savings time is here early
Oh no, it’s another lost hour this month
But actually it’s the hour we gained last fall
When the government decreed in the news
That daylight savings time would last longer
Now the decree is…it will start earlier
In mid-March…before winter is over

So for all the cows in dairies across America
Who just got used to their milking schedules,
And all the families who have settled into a
Comfortable routine for work, school and home,
It’s time to change your internal time clock
Now when you wake up at 7 am it will be 8 am
And you’ll be late for work, and when you retire
At night early at 9 pm, it will already be 10 pm

All in the name of saving more energy
To use later in the day comes this disruption
To our lives, I bet caveman didn’t do this,
He just checked the sun in the sky to see
What time it was, if he was hungry-he ate
Tired-he slept or because it was dark
Life must have been much simpler then
Before clocks and daylight savings time


  1. LOL... Who but my friend, Lin would think of all the cows across America having to adjust to a new milking schedule... that just makes my insides tickle!

    It is amazing how the earliest men and women to walk the earth got along without all the manipulating and meddling that we do in modern times. I think I might have liked the idea of:
    Hungry? Eat!
    To dark to see? Go to bed!
    Tired? Rest/sleep!
    BUT... rubbing sticks together to build a fire for warmth and cooking? Nah. I don't think so.
    No toilet paper, laundry soap, women's hygiene products, sunglasses?? Nope. Don't like that either.
    Going perhaps an entire lifetime without ever eating a fresh peach, crisp cucumber or vine ripened tomato?? Ouch! Very unhappy thought.

    Think I'll settle for daylight savings. I'll get up a little earlier than I'd like while waiting for my internal clock to adjust to the change... turn on my hot shower, mix up a fruit smoothie in my super blender, hop in my car to pick up a good book at the local library, and come home to enjoy my husbands company because he's NOT out beating the dishes for dinner. It's in the crock pot.

  2. Uhhh... That would be beating the BUSHES... not the dishes...