Thursday, March 27, 2008

My Swedish Friend

Here is my best friend Gittan from Sweden who I only get to see every few years but we have been friends about 28 years. We met as pen pals then in person in Sweden and felt like we have know each other forever. That has happened for me with several friends throughout the years. Kind of a de-ja-vu experience, like we knew each other before and were just continuing our friendship. Today in the age of computers we can email and talk on skype instantaneously while in the past I would mail a letter by snail mail and 10 days later, she would get it. Then she would write back and 10 days later, I would get her answer. Our news was very old but at least it kept us connected in the good old days. BFF! Best friends forever!


  1. How did you become pen pals in the first place? What a wonderful story. I have a friend who was like that when we met. We hit it off immediately like we had been friends forever. I love her. Good friends are a true blessing.

  2. isn't that great! i've met and befriended so many stampers b/c of the internet. it's super fun, isn't it!