Thursday, March 6, 2008

Ah...New Love

It’s Spring almost, the time when new love develops
As blossoms swell and prepare to open into new warmth
So too, couples seem to match up and discover new love
Ever fresh, every exhilarating, that moment when your date
Suddenly takes on a new glow and transforms into your ideal
They have no faults but only seem to be created to love you

No blinders needed, love and its attendant emotions do that
Until after the marriage ceremony and honeymoon are over then
And only then does reality return and we see more clearly
This somewhat normal person who is now our new mate
They do have some faults that were not so easily discerned
During the infatuating wonderful days of dating and courtship

It’s great that the intensity of our emotions blinds us both
To faults and idiosyncrasies that will have to be worked on
To change our perfect companion into an acceptable spouse
Ah love, even true love, never runs smooth but is blind
At first, thank goodness or we would have less marriages
And fewer fiftieth wedding anniversaries to celebrate

Lots of happiness to all you newly engaged couples everywhere!

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