Monday, December 31, 2007

To Resolve or Dissolve...

If we don’t make “resolves”
We could just “dissolve”
Fade away and disappear
Into nothingness, making a “resolve”
Is a firm decision to do something,
Anything in a positive direction

To be “absolved” is to be
Released from an obligation
To be free of all responsibility
Helpful if you are incarcerated
Which maybe we all are by
Our self-defeating behaviors

“Solving” is dealing successfully
With a problem or situation
Not avoiding it but facing it,
Working till it is “resolved”

So if the problem is us
And our growth and development
Then let’s make some “resolutions”
For the New Year 2008

Maybe just one or two
So you know you won’t
Stumble and give up easily
Something to make you stretch,
Contribute to your growth
But something also attainable

So you can feel better about
Being “you”, and start to become
The unique person with
Untapped potential and talents
That you would like to be

Happy New Year's resolving!

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