Thursday, November 29, 2007


My computer and I are in conflict
It says…”You are not connected”
But…I am connected, it’s the router's fault
It isn’t connecting to my wireless laptop
Which is my tool to connect to the Internet
I can’t read the news or create my blog or shop or...

He quietly whispers...“you aren’t connected”
But somehow His voice is conveniently ignored
As I rush madly ahead without the wise advice
And heavenly protection that I need in my daily life
Someday...I will find time to increase my prayer’s intensity
And my faith in His answers by listening more carefully
Then I will truly be connected...


  1. Interesting thoughts. One I love, , ,as usual.

    When I want to talk to my mom, knowing full well, she can't answer back, I the top of my lungs..MOM! Then sit back quietly and wait til I feel her. I figure it might take a while to get her out of a meeting or a class or off some cloud. Then I just talk.

    But I would never yell, FATHER! HEAVENLY FATHER!!!!! But perhaps I ought to. When I really need Him. What do you think?

  2. i have a problem with the word "yell"...which seems to mean loud, urgent and disrespectful. i would prefer a words like earnestly or sincerely even quietly "pleading" for help when addressing a heavenly parent. although i do feel that many of our prayers are answered or transmitted or assigned to other beings angels perhaps earthly deceased relatives to be responded to...i know i asked my dear grandmother once in a dream if my boys had a guardian angel and she said no but she was watching over them. what better guardian angel could you ask for than that?