Wednesday, November 14, 2007


Yes do comment my friends who have taken the time to read my blog. Part of the fun of blogging is to interact. Just click on the comments button at the bottom of this blog and either register or just sign in as anonymous-that's now I got started started writing comments on a friend's blog. Interaction is what makes blogging fun.

Here's some brief thoughts to comment on from Pres. Thomas S. Monson's talk at Brigham Young University yesterday. Being a BYU graduate I miss the weekly devotionals but I could watch them on tv if I remembered or read them in my Deseret Newspaper. I still remember at age 20 one of my first devotionals at BYU when the Prophet David O. McKay came and spoke and the whole student body rose as one and sang together "We thank thee O God for a prophet". That was one of the thrills of attending BYU in the 1960s and was the first time I saw a living prophet, general authorities spoke often and in person in the old fieldhouse building before the days of the huge Marriott Center where basket ball is now held. At any rate, Pres. Monson talked there yesterday about guideposts for your life:

1. GLANCE BACKWARD-don't dwell on it, but learn from its lessons, be thankful for others who helped you along your way. (I'd like to add, write a letter/e-mail someone who had a great effect on your life in the past. I wrote a letter to my MIA teacher in 1950s in California who encouraged me as a young woman to get involved in the church's dance program.)

2. LOOK HEAVENWARD-turn away from doubts and seek divine direction in your life. (Turn depression into action as you turn away from the grappling hooks and enticing of the adversary to see no hope or promise in your life, to ask for peace, comfort and faith in going forward. (We live in a "me" world, but when we reach out to serve others in love whether our family, neighbors or those in need, we forget ourselves and find happiness.)

3. REACH OUTWARD-"No one has learned the meaning of living until he has surrendered his ego to the service of his fellow man." (It's easy to become self-centered and "me" orientated to the point of becoming depressed but reaching out or serving others is a sure cure for what ails us.)

4. PRESS FORWARD-don't let the dismal conditions in the world, stop your progress and doing the good that only you can do whether at work, home, community, church or on the Internet. (Find your VOICE, what you have that is unique to give to this world.)

Now tell me how you've used or will use these guideposts in your daily life or ask further questions. Let's get a discussion going. Thanks for participating ahead of time. JUST DO IT!

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