Wednesday, November 14, 2007


My dear friend Gittan who lives in Sweden told me about a wonderful book she is reading and trying to apply to her life. It's "A Heart Like His: Making Space for God's Love in Your Life" by Virginia H. Pearce. So of course I had to check it out from our local library. There is a CHALLENGE that goes with this book:

1. "To be more aware of the conditon of our HEARTS and with that awareness to keep them more OPEN toward others."

2. "To do this in the NORMAL COURSE OF OUR LIVES, in other words, not put any extra activities into our day--no extra visits, no preparing of casseroles, cookies, etc. Above all, PEOPLE WERE NOT TO BECOME 'PROJECTS', and our lives were not to be filled with more things to do!"

3. NOTICE THE SPIRIT, and be willing to come together and HONESTLY REPORT (or blog) what happened or hadn't happened."

Can I give this challenge to any willing readers/bloggers out there. Don't change your behavior directly but just your attitude or heart and try to be more open to others then report back in a day or so what experiences you have. Just click on comments below to see what develops with this little experiment. Try it. I will. Some of you already do this on a daily basis...


  1. Well, let me be the first to comment. I went for a little walk and on the way back I felt impressed to stop at a neighbor's house who is probably one of the friendliest people in my new neighborhood. I went in and visited for about 15 minutes and tried to just listen and open my heart to her. It was hard not to make her "a project" as I know her brother is very ill, but just to accept her and go where she wanted the conversation to go or not go. At the end, she gave me an assignment to help her out at DUP Daughters of Utah Pioneers meeting next monday as many of the members won't be there. She said as I left..."you knew there was some reason you stopped by to see me." There I'm learning little by little how to open my heart to others without an agenda or immediate reward. Tell me your experiences.

  2. well, it's me again. i went to dup today and it would have been so easy to play invisible as i am new to the group BUT i didn't. i talked to two women i didn't know and introduced myself and that made me feel good. To open up my heart and not just protect it and feel LONELY. There are opportunities each day to REACH OUT in love. It takes a little time and effort. Tell me about your experiences. PLEASE...LIN again