Monday, August 15, 2016

Back to SCHOOL time

Well, it's that time of year for the kiddos to head back to school. This year I have twin grand daughters heading off to COLLEGE away from home for new EXCITING-SCARY experiences. Plus a young grand daughter starting FIRST GRADE and her little brother going back to PRESCHOOL. I used to teach and work as an elementary school librarian before I retired in 1994 when I remarried. Wow, that been 22 years ago. I'm amazed at how fast the years fly by...but I CONTINUE TO SEEK learning and knowledge in my life. How?

1. READING: newspapers, blogs, scriptures, good books.
2. TEACHING: mostly in my church-gives you an opportunity to learn new things, explore new topics and LEARNING more about topics that interest me like COMPUTERS.
3. WRITING: blogs, journals, emails, and poetry.
4. COMMUNICATING with loved ones and friends through spoken words.
5. SERENDIPITY: exploring new opportunities/hobbies/experiences that come along.

How are you furthering your SCHOOLING?


  1. Schools start here in 2-3 weeks. Each summer seems shorter. I taught high school English for 36 years and am starting my 13th year of retirement. Loved teaching and, now, love retirement.

  2. School starts here in a couple of weeks too. I feel like the summer just flew by, in a way. There were points along the way that it seemed to go slowly. Grandson goes to 1st grade this year. Boy, what a journey we've had getting here. A BLESSED journey!