Monday, June 1, 2020


Another new month is upon us, but it seems surreal as day after day comes and goes as our world suffers and fears the spread of the CORONA VIRUS, then RIOTS take over the news as another black person is dead because of police brutality and the whole world is up in arms trying to have PEACEFUL DEMONSTRATIONS for more equal treatment in our society that turn into LOOTING and wide spread destruction that is FRIGHTENING. Leaving everyone in distress and FEAR wondering what is next.

Yet there are MOMENTS of kindness and sensitivity here and there as individuals reach out in love and try to UNDERSTAND others viewpoints. In every experience there are opportunities for GROWTH and PROGRESS or DESTRUCTION and FAILURE. Time will tell where all this leads us but it's certainly a TEST OF FAITH in the future and one's understanding of WHY we are here on earth. Without that security, it would be devastating to go on. I'm sure even God must be shaking his head at all the evil and destruction going on as we try to get each other to listen to our society's needs and wants. PRAYER is needed that's for sure.

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  1. I'm hoping that all this protesting does effect some lasting changes. Hoping. Hoping. Hoping.