Saturday, May 16, 2020

Where is TIME GOING?

It seems like the days fly by and soon its another week then another month and we are still in lockdown or asked to stay home. Although our state Utah has just loosened up a bit from the Corona Virus prevention plan. We have moved from RED stage to we can do a little more actually go out to eat and dine in, etc. but it feels unreal wearing a mask and worrying about others you meet while keeping up social distancing of 6 feet apart. Hubby and I are doing lots of cleanup work in our yard and it is looking better. Enjoying our crop of fresh strawberries and our favorite breakfast meal of yogurt and fruit. This was a busy past week with an eye doctor appointment, beauty salon treatment, and time with my best friend Caryn at her place.

how fun to pick them fresh and ripe from our garden

Smashing the berries with a fork we add our favorite yogurt

The creamiest yogurt and no sugar added

Then add fresh blueberries, splenda and walnuts...Yummy!

Finally got together with my friend Caryn after two months... 

She has a gorgeous waterfall in her back patio-FUN!


  1. I agree, the time does fly by, even in isolation. I'm always amazed when another week's done. Your yogurt and fruit looks yummy. How lovely that you could finally visit with your dear friend Caryn.

  2. Your yogurt breakfast does look good. Looks like Caryn doesn't live in the desert.

  3. You are so right, Lin. The days fly by
    so fast sometimes it's hard to keep up.