Saturday, August 24, 2019

Where did AUGUST go?

Just hanging out at home, inside with coolness provided by AC. Enjoying early mornings of walking, journaling and studying. The rest of the day is filled: fixing meals, some light housework, family history research and indexing. No trips planned just being a HOMEBODY. Happy to see that school is starting that means maybe coolness although it's suppose to be 105 degrees tomorrow. But SEPTEMBER will come with new possibilities and more moderate temps. Ready for FALL!

My oldest son Frank V and his son Hakan now 6 ft tall at age 15
I realize I have 4 tall sons (l-r) Jeff 6', Brook 6'9", Dan 6'2" & Frank V 6'5"
I'm short at 5'10" amazing how we all start small as babies then grow taller.
Back in scouting days 1984 or so (l-R) Brook, Daniel, Jeff and Frank V


  1. It's fun to see pics of your tall sons, now and then.
    We who live in a milder climate are in no hurry to see dark rainy days of autumn arrive.

  2. Fun photos and interesting tidbits of information.