Sunday, May 12, 2019


We had my grand daughter Heather visit for a few days then joined her parents and siblings in Sanpete County at their cabin in the mountains nearby Spring City. It was an adventure to stay overnight in the mountains-beautiful sunsets and quiet.

Nearby Manti Temple

Reservoirs are full this year

Lots of threatening clouds cooling down the temperatures 
We are there at Pine Mountains estates

Following Dan in and his three wheelers.
Love the log decor and bear statues here and there

There are two decks for overlooking the valley below

Emilee the helpful dishwasher

Daniel the cook

Great breakfast: bacon, eggs, pancakes and orange juice

Breakfast with some of the family-Grandpa, Dan, Tina, and the twins
James just turned 13 and I gave him a DNA test for his birthday

The whole family looks on while James discovers his birth parents' ancestry


  1. Being in the mountains must be a real treat for you, not to mention being surrounded by people you love.

  2. Another great FUN time with family. Glad everybody had a good time, I can tell by the looks on those happy faces.

  3. It does look like a good time! The mountains above and surrounding Spring City are gorgeous and your photos of them are stunning.