Thursday, May 9, 2019

Fun with CARYN and HEATHER

My twin grand daughter HEATHER is down from UTAH VALLEY for a short visit and we spent the morning at my BFF Caryn's house making artsy stuff then out to lunch together. It was fun. On Friday we'll join the rest of the family in San Pete County for a fun weekend at their cabin in the mountains.

Caryn's new couch and love seat she found at a local thrift store.
Love how she decorates her home-it's fantastic!
Caryn showing off her artwork to Heather
Her wonderful bubbling brook attracts lots of birds.
We enjoyed making jeweled bracelet and bookmarks together

Ocotillo cactus has blooms
Blooms everywhere on local cactii
Spring in St. George


  1. Caryn has such an artistic sense. She surrounds herself with beauty, and speaking of beauty, those cactus flowers!!

  2. Wow, How wonderful! Such fun!Good times with BFF and granddaughter is the BEST OF THE BEST! Thanks for sharing your good times.

    Happy Mother's Day, Lin!