Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Progress...bought a new mattress and pillow

Can't remember how long it's been since we bought our mattress but hubby is complaining of back and neck aches after sleeping. So, it was time to go shopping to find a new one. Wow, have prices changed. I found a pillow that I love, it's memory foam and only $69! That's about what I would pay for a mattress in the good old days. Ours was on sale for $1599––a real steal, lol! We tried out several mattresses at our local Mattress Store and found just the right one as Goldilocks would say. It's pillow top but not memory foam, wrapped coils or something like that.

We like queen beds not king size as our bedroom isn't that big and I also don't like to hunt for my husband on the other side of the bed. Plus now I don't need to buy new mattress covers, sheets and bedspread. I love our bedspread and it's only 11 years old. It matches our colors aqua or turquoise in our bedroom.  We get our new bed next week but have our new pillows to use now. Comfy!


  1. Congratulations, Lin! We're doing OK with our mattress topper for now. I do see depressions already forming though, but I don't know if it's the mattress under it or the topper. Still, it's comfortable so we're sticking with it... for now. Surprisingly, there's a number of bloggers who are getting new mattresses right now.

  2. We really like our King size bed because to be honest, I'm a restless sleeper and I've been known to bonk Art by mistake which gives him a rude awakening. I also read in bed and the light would bother him. Ah well...Congratulations on your wonderful buy!!! I hate buying mattresses.