Saturday, February 17, 2018

Hectic WEEK-but it went fast...

Life has a way of bringing little unexpected SURPRISES to us...keeps you on your toes I guess you could say. Also makes you be GRATEFUL for just ordinary days with ROUTINES that we take for granted: the COMFORTS of a warm home, food to eat, a body that continues to function, OPPORTUNITIES to learn and grow from challenges that come our way. Been enjoying the OLYMPICS watching the ice skating or dancing especially, being amazed at the skills, and commitment involved to perform at that level. Looking back and remembering my earlier years of ballet lessons and rehearsals that were so fun. Now I've SLOWED DOWN but can still walk around the block safely and participate in lots of enjoyable activities: church. Daughters of Utah Pioneers, poetry, family history, indexing, daily journaling, visiting with friends and family. Here's some photos of my friend Caryn's home and her decor for Valentine's day.

Caryn's table decoration for Valentines Day
Some of Caryn's necklaces...
Fun collection of pottery
Caryn and her beauty crowns-amazing and wigs too.
I love her huge bedroom and especially the kiva fireplace!
Any one need dark glassses or reading glasses?
New area rug that Caryn found for her living room
Love her mantle arrangements with frames.

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  1. It's good to hear that you are enjoying life. I too am grateful for an warm and comfortable home.caryn has such artistic flair.