Friday, November 24, 2017

Thanksgiving is too soon over...

We drove up to my son's Dan's home for Thanksgiving dinner in beautiful warm weather. Had a great meal and opportunities to visit with some of our extended family-my 97 year old aunt in Genola and her son my cousin Bill who went to first grade with me in Eureka Utah back in 1946-7. A long time ago. Didn't get photos of Heather or Nathan but we saw them last week at Cedar City temple open house. Unfortunately Jeff's family couldn't make it. I also forgot to take photos of the luscious dinner feast, we just enjoyed it immensely. Heather made us gluten free and sugar free pumpkin and apple pies. We missed Emilee who is on a mission in Paris, France.

We love to drive on the other side of Utah Lake to avoid traffic...
Dan the designated cook does a great job
Tina the wife and assistant prepares luscious side dishes
James the son provide entertainment on his ukulele and on the piano
 Jeff and his work office at Eide Bailly-a business management firm


  1. His office is a wowza! Wish we had a photo of his progeny.

  2. I would have definitely enjoyed her gluten/sugar-free pies. Lin can you try to get me her recipes...thank you.

  3. hey, Dawn got me started on the Ukulele...that bird looks huge! And as big as Tina's lovely smile