Friday, November 3, 2017

November FALL trip to North Idaho

After a few days rest at home after our Texas trip, hubby was ready to head to Northern Idaho to see the fall colors. So flew from St. George to Salt Lake City to Spokane, Washington then rented a car to drive 120 miles to Bonners Ferry above Sandpoint, Idaho. The views were spectacular but it was cold like freezing in the mornings, but no snow yet and some sunshine.

Checking out Perkins Lake on a rickety walkway
Great place for fishing and exploring in warmer times
Love the autumn colors, yellows are Larch trees who lose their needles
Idealic farm scene with historic barn and outbuildings are everywhere
Tree farm is planted in a cleared field, lots of trees fill the landscape
Horse peacefully grazing
Looking for wildlife, lots of wild turkeys all over
McArthur Lake with boat ramp and fishing dock
Historic structures everywhere on the many country roads
Beautiful Selkirk mountains surround this area with fresh snow
Finally found a moose at the Rusty Moose lodge in Spokane, Wash.
Time to head home to the land of sunflowers-warm St. George, Utah!

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  1. Good for you two for going on a little adventure! Autumn has been lovely here, but it is now quickly coming to an end.