Thursday, November 9, 2017

New Adventures Everyday

My Daughers of Utah Pioneers group went to our St. George family history library last Monday and experienced their Discovery Center where you can log into on an I-Pad then hook that into a large touch scene to make new discoveries about your ancestors. It was fascinating. Only two Discovery Centers are open thus far in SLC and St. George. Although you can visit this BYU website to discover famous people you are related to. See

DUP Group eager to find our roots
Better photo but I can't access it, see next photo.
I only have a dumb phone but would love to have this photo if you can find it for me.
This station let you see your family tree and more
See your ancestor and a timeline of history he lived through
Fun station that let your face appear on an ancestor's costume
We were all fascinated,
I found out how I'm related to Brigham Young
We also discovered how we are related to others in our group.
We quickly spent and hour and a half just looking.

Discovered how I'm related to lots of famous people, oousins removed....