Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Christmas is coming...

How do I know? Well, besides all the decorations everywhere in the stores since Halloween, and the fact that Thanksgiving is over -though November is still hanging on, my friend Caryn has her home all decorated before the turkey was cold. She goes all out, while I wait till mid December to get mine out which consists of a door wreath, a fake Christmas tree and a nativity set. Here's some photos of Caryn's holiday decor. Every corner holds a new delight.

Fun red pillows and throws add festivity
Father Christmas is everywhere...

Front door
Outside patio

Dining table
Santa gets around...

Lots of candles give ambiance!


  1. Looks like Caryn collects Santa's too. I'm hoping mine make it out of the storage tubs tomorrow.

  2. It all looks quite lovely and festive and inviting. Thanks for sharing a glimpse of Caryn's corner of the world.

    Hope you are well, Lin. Happy day!

  3. I almost don't want to decorate. Fell down Marissa's stairs and am off to the doctor's. Hope my knee is OK