Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Christmas is coming...

How do I know? Well, besides all the decorations everywhere in the stores since Halloween, and the fact that Thanksgiving is over -though November is still hanging on, my friend Caryn has her home all decorated before the turkey was cold. She goes all out, while I wait till mid December to get mine out which consists of a door wreath, a fake Christmas tree and a nativity set. Here's some photos of Caryn's holiday decor. Every corner holds a new delight.

Fun red pillows and throws add festivity
Father Christmas is everywhere...

Front door
Outside patio

Dining table
Santa gets around...

Lots of candles give ambiance!

Friday, November 24, 2017

Thanksgiving is too soon over...

We drove up to my son's Dan's home for Thanksgiving dinner in beautiful warm weather. Had a great meal and opportunities to visit with some of our extended family-my 97 year old aunt in Genola and her son my cousin Bill who went to first grade with me in Eureka Utah back in 1946-7. A long time ago. Didn't get photos of Heather or Nathan but we saw them last week at Cedar City temple open house. Unfortunately Jeff's family couldn't make it. I also forgot to take photos of the luscious dinner feast, we just enjoyed it immensely. Heather made us gluten free and sugar free pumpkin and apple pies. We missed Emilee who is on a mission in Paris, France.

We love to drive on the other side of Utah Lake to avoid traffic...
Dan the designated cook does a great job
Tina the wife and assistant prepares luscious side dishes
James the son provide entertainment on his ukulele and on the piano
 Jeff and his work office at Eide Bailly-a business management firm

Saturday, November 18, 2017

Cedar City LDS Temple Open House

We were able to tour the new temple in Cedar City 50 miles north of St. George. It's beautiful inside and out. Dan, Tina and family joined us for a special family outing.

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Returning home to UTAH through Idaho and Nevada

Talk about a quick trip 1200 miles in three days. That's eight hours a day. Hubby was the driver, I enjoyed the scenery plus a few naps and the opportunity to talk about future dreams of a summer place away from the heat of St. George. Thought we'd found the right place in Orofino, Idaho but someone else put an offer down before we even got there to see the place. So, will try again in Spring after the threat of winter snow is over.

Snake River in our rear view window
Storm coming and it was cold and windy

Houses on top of cliffs looking down at the Snake River
I imagine it's very windy up there overlooking the fields below
Some green growth but most everything has stopped awaiting winter
Heading home on our third day of constant travel
Beautiful sunrise
Peaceful fields with cattle grazing
Back to Nevada with its snow covered mountain ranges
Never ending roads in Nevada but with little traffic

Saturday, November 11, 2017

On the ROAD Idaho

Going to check out another possible summer place near Orofino Idaho before the snowflakes start and winter is here.
Beautiful desert scenery in every direction on a lovely Indian Summer day
Solar energy is quite popular in these windy valleys
Not many cars on the deserted highways and no freeway traffic
Dusting of snow on the high mountain peaks of Nevada
Deer overpass, if they can just learn to use!
Shadow of our car passing an Idaho homestead
This is Idaho near Twin Falls...

Thursday, November 9, 2017

New Adventures Everyday

My Daughers of Utah Pioneers group went to our St. George family history library last Monday and experienced their Discovery Center where you can log into on an I-Pad then hook that into a large touch scene to make new discoveries about your ancestors. It was fascinating. Only two Discovery Centers are open thus far in SLC and St. George. Although you can visit this BYU website to discover famous people you are related to. See

DUP Group eager to find our roots
Better photo but I can't access it, see next photo.
I only have a dumb phone but would love to have this photo if you can find it for me.
This station let you see your family tree and more
See your ancestor and a timeline of history he lived through
Fun station that let your face appear on an ancestor's costume
We were all fascinated,
I found out how I'm related to Brigham Young
We also discovered how we are related to others in our group.
We quickly spent and hour and a half just looking.

Discovered how I'm related to lots of famous people, oousins removed....