Thursday, September 7, 2017

Time is FLYING BY....

Month after month, new projects appear to engage my interests. Trips beckon as I head north this weekend to SLC to visit cousins. Then later in October going to Texas for hubby's 55th reunion and he asks where did the time go?'s made up of those tiny inconsequential moments that fill each day from the moment I arise then journal, walk, curl hair, listen to scriptures on tape, make breakfast, go grocery shopping then off to a Doctor's appointment. and lunch with hubby. Some activities I just can't fit into this day-are a Tai Chi class, a temple session but I will make more meals, plan classes I'll be teaching, organize plans for the weekend, etc. etc. etc. Oh yes, then there was the critter that dug up part of our back lawn last night. Had to investigate that and fix the diggings. Probably looking for grubs. Tell us about your day so far...


  1. We are still walking our 3.35 miles a day, despite the smoke filled air. A little yard work is getting done now that it isn't so hot. But we are still on low gear here.

  2. just waiting on the kitchen workers and inspections. BUT when the afternoon turned up empty went to see the movie I had so wanted to see and feared it would leave before I could go. All Saints. Lovely. Cleaned the bathrooms, did dishes and laundry, chatted with friends, read, took photos for Robert's Seminary class, wrote your she Robert's 1st niece once removed? Now I think I'll put up my aching foot and watch some TV. Preparing dinner in the basement And outside means I have to run and up down about 10 times...wonder if this will make my legs stronger?

  3. My, my, my you are one busy lady. Makes me tired just reading all that you do in a day. I agree with your a way. Sometimes it seems as if time flies, other times it seems to drag along.