Saturday, July 22, 2017

Pioneer Trails across Wyoming

The 1800s brought pioneers going to California, Utah and Oregon

Remains of wagon ruts remain
Fort Bridger, a welcome sight for weary pioneers to stock up on supplies and rest.
Hubby recalls a receipt book like this his g-parents had in their country store
Any thing you needed to resupply your wagon train to complete the journey
Interesting bathing tub with back rest for small children
Barracks or sleeping quarters

Ice house and stables for animals and wagons
Many repairs were needed on the wagon wheels because of rough roads/trails
Some came in carriages, a little more comfortable than wagons
Guard house for soldiers, has a prison cell too for when needs arose
Beds were elevated so guards wouldn't sleep???
Guard house of shelters during inclement weather
Commissary of goods available to buy, note brown paper and string to wrap up purchases
Freight wagons used to haul supplies to sell at Fort Bridger

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Wyoming History and Beauty

Wyoming and US flags
Wide open spaces....
Room to roam
Rock formations are beautiful...
Red rock formations are a surprise in Wyoming
Close up-this area is a wildlife management area

Monday, July 17, 2017

On Vacation-believe it or not!

We actually decided to take a trip somewhere and ended up in Wyoming then Colorado searching for cool air and greenness. Having fun more photos later coming.
This is Wyoming-lots of wide open spaces, can you image being a pioneer here?
Interesting rock formations and redrocks like Utah has...
Love the fluffy clouds that come each day and bring cooling shade
First night out spent at Rock Springs Wyoming

Thursday, July 13, 2017

Another MILESTONE #77

LIN letters, angels-Hope on left, Healing on right & motto-Hanging in there
Yesterday was my 77th birthday. I always remember my mom thinking she'd die at age 76 because her mother and sister did, but she lived to be almost 90-dying at age 89. Interesting that we don't know how long we  have here on earth or how we will check out or graduate. Looking back I'm wondering what my greatest accomplishment has been thus far. Personally-it was dancing professionally in a ballet company, graduating from college, teaching college dance classes, then later 1st grade and being an elementary school librarian, but my biggest accomplishment was becoming a wife and mother to four sons who are all adults now with their own lives.

Mommy dove using our old robin's nest
Families can teach us so much more than any job ever will in the way of taking responsibility 24/7 for others welfare including your spouse and any children you bring into this world. The opportunity to develop new personal skills, and personality strengths-patience, love, creativity and endurance are all part of it. With many young people today choosing NOT to assume these God-given responsibilities, they are missing the personal growth that can come. The satisfaction of guiding and supporting other human beings in a family as they search for their potential. (Just doing what comes naturally like the dove outside our bedroom window...)

Saturday, July 8, 2017

Monsoons are HERE!

First it gets very hot like 110 degrees+, then clouds form and the wind blows
After some thunder, you hear rain on the roof top!
The monsoons are here bringing cooler temps but high humidity!

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Missionary preparation time...

My 19 year old grand daughter Emilee Hatch went to the Missionary Training Center in Provo Utah today to begin 9 weeks of training before she leaves for her mission in Paris France. She will be practicing the French language and learning how to teach the gospel of Jesus Christ. We are all so excited for her.  Her family pays her way about $350/month and she will be gone 18 months.

Thursday, June 29, 2017

Battle of AGING

Controlling the negative voices inside that want to derail us isn't easy, but the first step is to become aware of what we are hearing. Then analyze the source of the voice-if it's negative I feel that it comes from the Dark Side or whatever name you choose to give to the adversary or the opposition, ying-yang structure of life. After visiting my retina specialist today-been receiving treatment for almost two years for macula edema probably related to diabetes or high blood pressure or aging all of which I'm facing,I didn't receive much encouragement from my doctor-other than we'll overcome this... I'm wondering....when?

So after another of my monthly shots in the eye, it was difficult to remain positive but what other choice do I have? As I left the doctor's office, I realized as I looked at other patients arriving with eye patches on that I could still see with my left eye though it's blurry. My right eye is 20/20, and I just renewed my driver's license for the next 5 years. It's just easier to give in to SELF PITY AND DESPAIR instead of SEEING THE POSITIVES. I remember going to my foot doctor for some issues recently and seeing others with missing feet. For the moment it struck me how blest I am. Also some of my ailments are improving. My rotator cuff is better after a steroid shot, and I can actually use my left arm while curling my hair!

I think the SECRET OF HAPPINESS in life is focusing on the good parts, the blessings daily that we take for granted: life, family, love, purpose and opportunities to continue learning. I forget that about you?

Monday, June 26, 2017

Family Weekend Celebration

We drove up Sat morning to Utah Valley to celebrate Emilee's mission call for our Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. She leaves July 5 for Paris France mission and will be gone 18 months. Taking French since Jr. High, now she'll get the chance to use all that learning while teaching others in France about the restored church. More photos on facebook.

The Hatches: l-r Tina, Emilee, Daniel, Nathan, back" James & Heather
The twins have now complted a year of college, so proud of them both.
Grandkids galore: Lorien in front, bro. Eddie + Heather in back
Nicosia family on Tina's side gathers to celebrate and visit.
All the friends, grandkids and cousins sat together.
Open house on Sat pm with food, swimming, etc.
American and French flags are displayed everywhere

Friday, June 23, 2017


St George just opened up their new Family History Center near the temple. We took a tour there and were amazed. Tomorrow's the last day of the guided tour-take some time to check it out if you live nearby.

Brand new, it's beautiful inside...

Free to the public open M,F 9am-5pm TWT 9am-9pm, Sat 11-3 p
Lots of huge computers to see your pedigree chart on
This was a photo of our tour group, but you can take family group
It's unbelieveable all ths info stored on familysearch-photos&stories
There's a world map that will show where your ancestors came from.
An area for children to play while parents do computer research

There's a room to video tape family stories in person.
Missed the room where you can see your face on ancestral costumes
So much information. There's also one of these centers in SLC
Lots of people being amazed by all there was to see and do.
Want to do research, all these computers connect to Internet
Two classsrooms for family history classes.
This is a slide scanner, going to be using this soon this summer
Just a block  north is the St. George LDS Temple